Board of Directors

Board Members

Joy Pasamonte Henry


Usha Ranji

Co-Vice President Operations

Natalie Yang

Co-Vice President Operations

(Open Position)

Vice President Data Strategy & Outreach

Joy Pasamonte Henry

Vice President Communications

Jenny Siu


Stephanie Chan


Caryn Finn

Director of Educator Liaison

Ling Wang

Vice President School Sites

Veronica Siu

Financial Secretary

Gina Lee

Director of Hospitality

Christina Dang


Phuong Kwan

Director of Volunteerism

Annette Navarro

Advisory Board Member

Rick Angelini

Director at Large

Maura LeBaron-Hsieh

Past President

Barry Tsai

Director of Technology

Organization Chart

Actively Seeking Volunteers!

We invite all parents, as well as teachers, businesses, and community members, to consider helping to build the future of education in Millbrae. A little time makes a big difference!

Interested in Joining the Board?

Have questions for us? Reach us by email at!