Board of Directors

Organization Chart

2018-2019 Board Members

Maura LeBaron-Hsieh


Natalie Yang

Vice President Operations

Patricia Yee


Paula Hong


Caryn Finn

Director Educator Liaison

Amy Grady

Grantwriting Lead

Jane Wong

Director of Hospitality

Suji Chang

Director at Large

Jamie Casile

Director of Volunteerism

Descriptions of Open Board Positions


  • Keep books and records of the organization
  • Prepare annual budget
  • Pay all bills of the organization
  • Prepare and present the treasurer’s report at all meetings
  • See to the preparation and filing of all required tax returns
  • Time Estimate: 8-10 hrs/month

Financial Secretary

  • Receive all funds and make all bank deposits, including at events sponsored by the organization
  • Supervise the counting of all cash
  • Act as aide to the treasurer as needed
  • Time Estimate: 6-8 hrs/month plus 2 hours/week at time of year when organization is receiving funds from activities


  • Audit the books and records of the organization twice a year
  • After each audit, prepare and present an audit report to the board and the organization twice a year
  • Cannot be related by blood or marriage or live in the same household as treasurer and financial secretary or signers of checks
  • Time Estimate: 2 hours/month for meetings; time as needed to perform two audits and prepare audit report

VP Communications

  • Team with President to create our annual update/messaging and presentations for back-to-school night (public speaking not required), website updates, et cetera
  • With support from other Board members, draft MEF annual report, which updates our community on progress and acknowledges the contributions of our donors
  • Help collect input from our incredible community, and respond in kind!
  • Time Commitment: Intense in August (30 hrs for the month), 5-10 hrs/month the rest of the year, including 2-hr Board meeting

VP Data/Outreach Strategy (NEW role)

  • Draw meaningful information from our Supporters Database
  • It will help (but isn’t required) to have some familiarity with SalesForce or similar database
  • Helps the MEF Board identify meaningful indicators of success and conduct strategic outreach
  • Helps develop key data displays needed for messaging (presentations, annual report)
  • Time Commitment: Likely 5-10 hours per month including 2-hour Board meeting


  • Attends Board meetings, takes minutes, sends those minutes to the Board for an approval vote, and archives the minutes
  • Helps organize the MEF Google Drive and the MEF storage room
  • Time Commitment: 3-4 hours per month including 2-hr Board meeting

VP School Sites (NEW role)

  • Acts as a representative for the five School Site Leads to the MEF Board
  • Share information from Board meetings to any Site Leads who miss the meeting, share feedback and input from school sites
  • Helps coordinate school-site MEF activities (Donation Days tabling, give-backs, etc.)
  • Time commitment: 4 hours/month including 2-hr Board meeting

Site Leads (Lomita Park, Meadows)

  • Learn more about MEF, come to Board meetings when you can, and share what you learn with others at your campus
  • Set up the MEF Donation Days tabling at your site in early fall, find ways to tell parents about MEF and field questions
  • Board meeting attendance not required, but is always welcomed
  • Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month plus optional 2 hours for monthly Board meeting

Directors at Large

  • Help with ideas and questions to shape the future of MEF
  • Attend our monthly Board meeting and pitch in at MEF events
  • Time Commitment: 2hrs/month, extra time on a voluntary basis

Interested in one of these positions? Have questions for us? Reach us by email at!

Volunteer Team

For the current Volunteer Team and open volunteer positions, please visit the Volunteers page.

Actively Seeking Volunteers!

We invite all parents, as well as teachers, businesses, and community members, to consider helping to build the future of education in Millbrae. A little time makes a big difference!