What We Fund NOW Using Last Year’s Totals

MEF is proud to present to the Millbrae Elementary School District our community’s largest total donation ever raised!

2018-2019 School Year: $618,782

MEF Funds Allocation for 2019-2020

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Your Participation in MEF is More Important Than Ever

Although Measure N passed, Millbrae is still amongst the lowest locally-funded districts in San Mateo County!

Let's continue working together for our children. Imagine the Possibilities with Higher MEF Participation:

  • More classroom aides, more support for our teachers

  • More targeted instruction at each student's learning level

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Now, We Ask You to Help Grow Our Vision!

MEF partners with your PTA or PTO and Millbrae Elementary School District to help make sure that every Millbrae student has access to enrichment programming. Help us imagine the possibilities, and then make them a reality.

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MEF-Funded Programs

MEF funding has made it possible to provide Music and Technology Staff in our schools.