Welcome to MEF's Fall Read-A-Thon!

This fun event encourages the joys of reading and raises money for our schools. Students will log the amount of time they read and collect donations from friends and family to raise money to support the MEF's 2021-22 fundraising goal of $650,000.

The MEF supports schools in the Millbrae School District – which is one of the lowest funded school districts in San Mateo County – by funding social emotional learning, music, arts and STEAM curricula for our kids, professional development for our teachers and technology integration and support.


How does it work?

From November 8 – December 3, students will use the Reading Log to record minutes they read while collecting donations from friends and family to support their efforts.

How do I set-up my student pledge page?

  1. Go to the main Read-a-Thon donation page.

  2. Click "Create my own fundraising page".

  3. Enter your child's first and last name and your email address (do not use student‘s email address).

  4. You will receive an email from with a link to your child's individual page. You can personalize the page or keep it as-is.

  5. Your child will also be able to access the reading log to enter minutes by clicking here:

How do I send my fundraising page to my friends and family?

  1. After you submit your child's name and your email address (do NOT use student’s email address), you will receive an email from that will allow you to personalize your child's individual donation page.

  2. When you are done creating your child's page, click "Save and Publish".

  3. Forward the page link to friends and family so they can donate.

How do I collect donations?

Go to the main Read-a-Thon donation page.

  1. Share your child's individual pledge page with friends and family to collect donations.

  2. Due to current COVID-19 conditions, we encourage students to utilize the online pledge page to collect donations whenever possible.

  3. Donations will be a flat amount, not a per minute pledge.

How do I set-up my Reading Log?

  1. Click here to access the Reading Log:

  2. Enter contact and school information, the date that you are entering minutes for and the number of minutes.

  3. Click “Submit”.

What about donations by cash/check?

Due to the current COVID-19 conditions, we strongly encourage donations online.

However, if you receive cash/check:

  • Place it in an envelope clearly labeled “Read-a-Thon” with the student and teacher names. If the sponsor would like a receipt, an email address must be provided.

  • Return it to the front office on supply exchange day.

Are donations to this Read-a-Thon tax deductible?

The MEF is a 501(c)(3) organization; donations may be tax deductible Please check with your tax advisor or attorney. A receipt will be emailed to each donor automatically when donating online and will contain our Tax ID#. Receipts can be emailed for cash or check donations.

What kind of reading counts?

Any reading counts! Graphic novels, magazines, books, and articles online are all good examples. Students who are not reading independently should include the minutes they are read to by an adult.

Students are encouraged to read and log in at least 20 minutes of reading per day. Total minutes will be counted for prizes.

Is fundraising required?

No. Fundraising is encouraged, but it is not required to participate.

Donations of any amount are welcome but we highly encourage a minimum total donation amount of $100.00 per student.

Thank you for participating in the MEF's Fall Read-A-Thon!

If you have any questions, please email

欢迎参加Millbrae 教育基金会, 这是通读指令 (Chinese translation):