Technology Staff

MEF is proud to be able to help fund the technology enrichment program in our Millbrae Schools.

Meet our Technology Staff!

In Their Own Words

Julie DiMaio

Funded by MEF

Julie DiMaio began teaching over 20 years ago in a 5th grade transitional class at a bilingual school in Costa Mesa, CA. She gained a love for curriculum development as she created units that met her students’ needs and interests as well as the standards. After the birth of her first child, Dominic (now 20), she stayed home for a few years. She returned to teaching as a Millbrae School District substitute when her second son, Luca (now 17), was in Kindergarten. Five years later, she returned to teaching full-time. She taught 4th grade at Spring Valley for a year before moving to 4th grade at Lomita Park School, where she recently managed a generous grant to support science and environmental education. She has presented at statewide science conferences and worked as a science curriculum consultant for Ten Strands, a non-profit dedicated to raising environmental literacy by providing high-quality environment-based learning and hands-on education to all California K-12 students. This year, as the full-time Millbrae School District Science Coach, Julie works directly with teachers to help them design and implement quality science lessons aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Mrs. MaryAnn Koliopoulos (Bio)

Technology Instructor/Coach

General Fund (Supported by MEF)

Vision and Purpose of Technology Instruction…

I was born in San Francisco and raised in Daly City, and when little girls grouped together to play “house,” I played “school,” where I was the teacher and where this earliest memory became my chosen career later in life. I graduated from high school and worked in business to buy my own car and save for my own college fund. I graduated from San Francisco State University with Bachelor and Master Degrees in Business, and earned CTE teaching credentials in Child Development, Business, Technology, and a supplemental credential in Computer Science.

I believe it is vital that combining technology with English and math skills will help students succeed on the job, at school, and in their own personal life. As your children advance to each new grade level, it is my commitment to prepare students with the right foundation relevant to their daily lives and in support of their school-to-career desires.

Vision and Purpose of Technology Coaching…

I greatly enjoy integrating academic technology into students’ grade level classwork as well as helping teachers expand on their own technology skills for creating engaging student-driven projects. It is fun to see students’ faces light up with surprise when they apply a new skill to their work knowing they have added a successful experience to their day.

Technology Standards…

The school and career opportunities that await our students place greater demand on skills in technology, research, and writing as well as skills such as diplomacy, verbal communication, and leadership of self and of others. It is my desire to help our students develop good study and work habits, create greater awareness and empathy for the community that surrounds them, and have fun too! (You can read more about technology standards on

Goals for the Year…

My goals for the MESD this school year are to support teachers and to develop a progressive technology curriculum that includes Keyboarding, Digital Responsibility, Google Suite, Financial Awareness, and Career Exploration.

Look forward to…

Please do not hesitate to come to the computer lab at the end of the day. It is always a pleasure to meet your entire family.

Vinicio Merlino

Funded by MEF

The Taylor Middle School STEM Elective will use the new social emotional standards and science engineering standards to guide the curriculum. The STEM elective will design and construct products to demonstrate and show empathy for others based on the genuine needs of our community. Our students will establish and maintain positive relationships in order to find genuine needs in our community and make decisions on what needs are more important than others. Students will identify issues in our community that can be addressed using a design process that includes testing and prototyping. Students will evaluate different design solutions using a systematic process to determine how well they meet the criteria and constraints of the problems.

Mr. David Pettinari (Bio)

Technology Instructor

(.2) FTE Funded by MEF

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