Technology Staff

MEF is proud to be able to help fund the technology enrichment program in our Millbrae Schools.

Meet our Technology Staff!

In Their Own Words

Mrs. MaryAnn Koliopoulos (Bio)

Technology Instructor/Coach

General Fund (Supported by MEF)

Vision and Purpose of Technology Instruction…

I believe it is vital that combining technology with English and math skills will help students succeed on the job, at school, and in their own personal life. As your children advance to each new grade level, it is my commitment to prepare students with the right foundation relevant to their daily lives and in support of their school-to-career desires.

Vision and Purpose of Technology Coaching…

It is exciting to see the many written and artistic projects that your children’s grade level teachers develop each school year, and how wonderful it is to blend those technology skills into their grade level classwork. I have enjoyed helping teachers expand on their own technology skills to make efficient use of technology and for creating student-driven research and art projects.

Elementary Technology Standards…

Millbrae Elementary Technology Framework

Although your children are in elementary school, the school and career opportunities that await them place greater demand on skills in technology, research, and writing as well as skills such as diplomacy, verbal communication, and leadership of self and of others. It is my desire to help your children develop good learning and working habits and have fun too! (You can read more about technology standards on

Goals for the Year…

My goals for your children this school year are to update and develop a progressive technology curriculum that includes Keyboarding, Google Suite, Coding, and Leadership skills.

Look forward to…

Please do not hesitate to come to the computer lab when you pick up your child at the end of the day. It is always a pleasure to meet your entire family.

Mr. David Pettinari (Bio)

Technology Instructor

(.2) FTE Funded by MEF

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