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Millbrae Rotary's 2021 Student of the Year

CONGRATULATIONS to Sophia Stolte for being selected Millbrae Rotary's 2021 Student of the Year @ Taylor Middle School. Ms. Tara Donohoe introduced Sophia and explained why the 8th grade team selected her for the award. Sophia graciously accepted the award as her parents beamed with pride.

Thank You for Your Support!

Thank you for your support!

Dear Millbrae School District Community,

We want to provide everyone with an update of our fundraising events.

The events we are so proud to have hosted so far are listed below:

From our Annual Fund, we have raised $275,000 and from the Fund the Future Fundraiser, we brought in $127,000, for a current total of $402,000, which will be granted for School Year 2021-2022.

To put things in perspective, we granted the Millbrae School District $459,000 for funding programs in School Year 2020-2021. This grant was used to fund portions of different programs – Technology Coordinator, Elementary Music Program, and SEL Counselor.

We are so pleased to say that MEF Funds will be able to fully continue funding the Technology Coordinator and Elementary Music Program positions for the next school year. We are also pleased to learn that the District has received a one-time allocation of state and federal stimulus funds that can be used to support the Social Emotional Learning Counselor position for next year.

We cannot express how grateful we are to all our volunteers, donors, sponsors, teachers, District staff, and community members who were so willing to give what they could to help ALL our schools through a very challenging time.

We are hopeful that we will continue to come together for the remainder of this year, and the next few years.

In gratitude,

Joy Pasamonte Henry

President, Millbrae Education Foundation Board

Thank you to our wonderful team!

Please view the Fundraiser program to see the list of extraordinary people who made the Fund the Future Fundraiser a reality.

A million thank you's to the best team of volunteers!


Main Event Team: Andrea Lee, Jamie Wong, Ava Laurora, Dena Dethoy Null

Operations Team/Auction Team: Natalie Yang & Usha Ranji

Tech/Social Media Team: Barry Tsai, Lesley Tay-Chung, Carole, Leung

Our event would NOT have been as phenomenal without the help of Dawn Lee-Tu (MC/Taylor Parent), Brannon Beliso (Auctioneer/Meadows & Taylor Parent), and K'waun Conquest (Tech Wizard/One Martial Arts).


Organizer: Anshu Mohllajee

Communications Lead: Michelle Cheng


Organizer: Anna Astretsova

THANK YOU so much to everyone who was able to donate so far.

There is still time to donate by year end (to take advantage of 2020 corporate matching, if applicable, and the potential tax-deduction on donations made).

Our 2020-2021 goal is $650,000. To date we have received $454,000 (70% of our Annual Fund Goal)

Funds raised this year go towards School Year 2021-2022. Unfortunately, we need to continue to push hard so that the MEF dollars can continue funding programs we have sustained for the last few years: Social Emotional Learning, Technology, our Elementary Music Program, and Legarza (or its equivalent to get kids moving and working together).

We have a long way to go. Our suggested donation amount is $500/individual and $800/family, however, ANY amount is greatly appreciated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not forget to submit donations for corporate matching AND check in with you tax advisor on the tax-deductibility of your donation.

Hello Millbrae School Community!

If you are interested in being involved in your child's education, the MEF (Millbrae Education Foundation) Board is looking for a super amazing parents to help volunteer for a few open roles:

Event leads or co-leads for:

    • Online MEF Event lead

    • Silent auction

    • Procurement of gifts/prizes/donations

    • FUNDay

    • Tech lead

    • Database Management/Web Updates

Grab a buddy and partner up!. Now more than ever, WE NEED YOU!! Come join us and learn how MEF helps our children's education.

Together we can ALL make a difference!!


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