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FUNDay - Save the Date!

2nd Annual MEF Gala Was a Smashing Success!

On March 2nd, a sold-out crowd of 400 guests, including parents and educators from all campuses, community leaders, and philanthropists, all dressed in their Roaring 20’s finest, gave generously to enrich the education of every Millbrae student -- and then danced the night away!

It was an incredible night of fun, friends, giving, and gratitude, made possible by support from our generous sponsors, volunteers, and guests!

Now, we can further enhance programs for all students!

Thanks to our community’s generous outpouring of support, our 2019 MEF Gala generated net proceeds of $196,000 that will go directly to enhancing student education in Millbrae!

Our $68,800 Fund-a-Future for Social-Emotional Learning will help fund the implementation of SEL programming for all Millbrae students. The further $127,200 will maintain and expand STEAM and other existing programs!

As of today, our donation to MESD for 2019-2020 is $520,000 - and growing!

This total brings us within reach of our $650K fundraising goal for the year, which we will try to meet through the upcoming MEF Family Sports FUNDay (formerly Walk-A-Thon)!

  • Existing programs are now fully funded and being reviewed for enhancements (Annually, programs are reviewed by staff and revised to reflect current evidence-based educational practices).
  • Every single additional dollar raised by June 30th means more, broader, deeper programming for every Millbrae student!

How will our dollars make a difference?

Continue to enhance and GROW our STEAM core programming (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts--including music and other fine and performing arts--and Math).

With further support (including via MEF's Family Sports FUNDay (formerly Walk-A-Thon)):

  • MUSIC ALL YEAR at the elementary level through one additional full-time elementary music instructor position!
  • Exploration of an Enrichment Block (Supports to Classroom Teachers) to provide strategic leveled instruction (intervention; at grade level; beyond grade level)

Establish comprehensive SEL/Student Wellness Programming:

  • Comprehensive, Researched-Based SEL Curriculum and Instruction(District-Wide)
  • Signature Classroom/District Practices
  • SEL Support Roles to launch universal SEL programming for all students!
    • Expand School Counselor Program
    • Create SEL Support Aide Role
    • These essential roles in Millbrae School District will
    • Oversee and/or support SEL pilot, implementation, and evaluation
    • Design and support classroom instruction
    • Participate in some classroom lessons
    • Facilitate and/or support implementation of school-wide practices, including:
      • Playground social learning activities
      • Communications workshops
      • Diversity and inclusion programming
    • Assist with targeted interventions (lunch bunches, social groups, and individualized supports to identified students)
    • Provide coaching and consultation to classroom teachers as part of a professional development training series
    • Collaborate with school site teacher leads and parent leads to develop professional and parent education programming

As funding allows, using inputs from recent staff and parent surveys, MSD and MEF will explore funding additional programming enhancements to enrich education for EVERY Millbrae student

Special Thanks

On behalf of the MEF Board, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of the core volunteers who made this incredible event possible!

In particular, THANK YOU to our tireless Gala Co-chairs,​ Andrea Lee, Natalie Yang, and Tiffany Tisen, who made our second annual Gala an even more incredible event than the first!

THANK YOU to all of the incredible Lead committee members:

Lily Deer (Auction Lead) and Bonnie Woo (Online Donation Lead), Nancy Jweinat and Molly Osgood (Decor Leads), Phuong Kwan (Balloon Arch Lead), Jamie Casile (Volunteer Lead), Jen Wei (Wine Donation Lead), Nicole Mauro and Karen Bettucchi (Program Leads), Greg Ma (Graphic Design Pro) and Barry Tsai, Lesley Tay-Chung, and David Hom (Super Tech Team)

Together, we are building a very bright future for students in Millbrae - and this team has helped to make it possible. THANK YOU!

Want to be part of the MEF team?

We welcome any and all volunteers who would like to get involved withMEF, whether you can offer two hours per year or two hours per week, whether you love event planning or education theory! Please reach our Director of Volunteerism, Jamie, by filling out our online form! We’ll be glad to welcome you to the team.

Stronger Together

Millbrae Education Foundation (MEF) raises funds to help Millbrae School District hire teachers and implement enrichment programs for ALL Millbrae students district-wide.

Our school district remains among the lowest-funded in San Mateo County — but your contribution to MEF helps make sure our kids get the education they deserve.

Together, we are GROWING our vision for Millbrae Schools. Please donate today to help us reach our $650,000 fundraising goal for 2018-2019.

Let’s match Measure N!

Here are ways that you can help!

View more information on the school programming we fund HERE.

Curious how the MEF Grant funding raised in 2017-18 has been allocated? Learn more HERE.

This gift amount includes contributions from Families, Millbrae School District (MSD) Trustees, Leadership, and Staff, Sponsors, and our supporters from the larger Millbrae community and beyond – and was made possible by an incredible team of parents and parent organizations (PTA/O and MEF) at all Millbrae Schools!

Together, we GROW!