What is the Role of MEF?

Millbrae Education Foundation (MEF) funds staff and LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan) programs at all 5 schools. Based upon the previous year’s contributions, the district is able to hire staff and provide essential educational programs to all students in the District. This includes elementary music education, middle school technology, and a District-wide social emotional learning curriculum. If we raise less than the year before, the district must make cuts and reductions to staff and programs. This was the case during the last economic recession. Every student in the district benefits from these essential programs cut during drastic State budget cuts.

What is the Role of Each PTA?

Each school’s PTA raises money for field trips, assemblies, and materials at their specific campus for that school year. PTA funds cannot hire staff nor fund LCAP programs. PTAs are intended to make campus life more communal; to support teachers in volunteering and material needs; and to enrich their students’ academic experiences with those “extras” that make school fun.

MEF and Parent Organizations WORK TOGETHER

The Millbrae Education Foundation (MEF) and each school’s PTAs/PTO work together with educators and families to optimize the educational programming and experience for students in our Millbrae schools.

The MEF optimizes the quality of educational programming throughout the Millbrae School District.

The parent organizations optimize the quality of campus experience.