To date, WE'VE made $198,000 for OUR students!

Dear Millbrae Education Foundation (MEF) Community,

Congratulations! Thanks to YOUR generosity, TOGETHER we have raised over $198,000 so far this year! To date, this is the highest amount our community has raised through Donation Days!

This is 31% of our $650,000 Annual Goal. This is a huge accomplishment and a great start!

The grand total includes contributions from all the groups listed below.

The Millbrae School District and Millbrae students are deeply grateful for all your support! THANK YOU!

Funds from the MEF Annual Goal allow us to work with the Millbrae School District (MSD)and every PTA/PTO to bring a more equitable and well-rounded education to EVERY Millbrae student.

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  • The MEF will send out a survey to parents, guardians, and teachers to gather feedback on programming priorities - YOU ARE A VALUED PARTNER IN YOUR CHILD’S SUCCESS.
  • As a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers, WE NEED YOUR help - no matter how much or how little time you can give throughout the year. What you do will make a positive impact on every Millbrae student. Volunteer today.


President, MEF Board